ETPOD Dissemination Project aims at ensuring the continuity of the ETPOD training program which has been created and implemented with the support of the European Commission and project partners.

New tools, such a friendly, easy to use database, have been developed to enable all stakeholders to upload and access the EOD seminars related information, follow up and foresee the training impact on organ donation. The database is available at

Due to the program feasibility, new organizations representing large populations and extended geographical areas have expressed their interest to implement the ETPOD training programs in their countries.

We welcome you to join our wide network and benefit from accessing the training programs in organ donation!


ETPOD – European Training Program on Organ Donation – is a project funded by the DG SANCO of the European Commission.

The aim of this project is to design and validate a professional European Training Program on Organ Donation (ETPOD) at different involvement levels, in order to contribute to an increase in organ donation knowledge, to maximize the impact in the growth of organ donation rates and to disseminate reliable information to the health community in order to raise donation consciousness and to encourage a positive attitude towards it.







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